Friday, October 23, 2015

A Fond Farewell--at least for now...

Hello everyone! It is with a relieved heart that I share with you that September 30th was our last Reveal on both the  Sketchabilities/Cardabilities, at least for now. 

I shared back in August that the end of September will be the final month for our reveals, and we are approaching our final Sketch.

 For me personally, although I am saddened as I write this, I do feel that my challenge blogs inspired many of you around the world both with my sketches and the inspiration from the Talented Designers from around the globe.

 I have convinced myself the last couple of calls that it's not that much extra work, that I can continue with it, it's only twice a month, but the work that goes on behind the scenes has taken far too much time away from family priorities. 

  Not limited to countless emails to winners; contacting sponsors, following up with Sponsors, finding sponsors; following up when designers miss deadlines; Sketch Designs; Design Team Calls, Design Team Selection Process; blog posts; blog designs, posting winners, Facebook groups, Facebook Pages; Group Updates; 
all this i did on MY OWN and it's time for me to move on. 

 This past term has been most difficult on me because my design schedule has never been more hectic then this past 6 months. Because i have such a busy schedule myself in designing and teaching workshops, i feel i can no longer commit to an online sketch blog the way i feel our followers, readers and participants deserve. 

 There are many who i would like to thank for their assistance in the success of both of my blogs: 

 Firstly, I would love to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you that joined in our challenges each and every month. It was incredible to see all your lovely work. The Design Teams over the years tried their best to make it to all the blogs to comment and leave some love, but we all lead busy lives and I trust you understand if you were missed along the way. A huge thank you to everyone, and I apologize that i feel i cannot continue this for you. 

 Secondly a VERY big thank you to all the people that served on the Design Teams over the years. They have inspired you all with amazing creativity and I hope you come back to the blog time and again to look for continued inspiration. 

 Lastly, thank you to all the Sponsors who donated AMAZING prizes month after month. We could not have continued all this without them 

 With that, its time to say Farewell.. ... farewell for now my friends, I hope we provided some inspiration while we were around. Thank you all for all the cards and layouts you shared, for following along and joining in.

I will from time to time share sketches on my personal blog, if you would like to follow me there, please drop on by my blog here and follow along

Karan Gerber Blog

Thank you for allowing me to inspire you for 6 years!


Hussena said...

Thank you so much Karan for all the beautiful sketches you have put up...Really enjoyed playing along Cardabilities...I feel a little sad to see this farewell but understand the amount of work it involves and the time you have put towards running this challenge.So thanks once again for everything.Hope you do decide to reopen this challenge sometime in near future 😊

Martie Rollin said...

While I have not been a site participant, I have been an avid fan of this site. Every Reveal has provided wonderfully creative inspiration! Thank you for doing all the work necessary to run this site! I will miss seeing the cards submitted by your Design Team members...all very talented paper artists. As one door closes, another opens and new opportunities come into focus.

Lizzyc said...

Thank you for all the inspiration and wonderful sketches. I have been honoured to have been on the design team and I will count my time there as being amongst the best teams.. All the best with your future adventures!

Cheryl said...

Karen, I was new to your blog. I am going to miss your wonderful challenges. I did save many to use as guides from here on...Wish you much success in your endeavors and new and exciting challenges and you do move forward.
thank you, although brief, it was a good experience!

Jacqui said...

I have enjoyed your site for many years and you gave me my first spot on a design team, for which l am very thankful. I wish you all the best for the future and hope to continue to see your work around other sites!

Teresa Kline said...

Karen, thank you kindly for so many AMAZING sketches...have enjoyed very much visiting and playing along!

wishing you all the best and secretly hoping you come back some day!

sparkle & shine *~*

Sathya said...

Thank you so much Karan for all these inspirations these years. I am bit saddened as we will miss the wonderful sketches. I have great 4 months being in this team of lovely ladies and your sketches and efforts are highly commendable.

Wishing you loads and loads of successes in your endeavors.

Crafty Hugs,


Tetiana Arkhipova artv157 said...

Karan, I want to thank you for an interesting cooperation and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Rebecca Ednie said...

I hope you have more time in the future or pass this on to someone else. I really enjoyed these sketches. I'd play often but sometimes didn't get around to linking up and I'm sure that was true of others. Thank you for so much fun!

Gerald said...

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